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DCMA Attendance and Financial Records Book




This easy to use book will help you record all the necessary information, competently and confidentially, to satisfy Ofsted and HM Revenue & Customs. 

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DCMA Written Agreements




A set of 6 Written Agreements, in triplicate, to cater for the home-based childcarer, parent/carer and other.  Written in plain English for ease of use.


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DCMA Accident/Incident Record Book





Record all incidents and accidents in this handy A5 book.

Pages are duplicated so copies can be given to the parent or carer for total peace of mind.


Also included are sections for the administration of both short term and long term medication.  

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The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework




The EYFS framework, published 3rd April 2017 replaces previous editions.

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DCMA Individual Progress Records for the EYFS




This document is designed as a useful tool to review and share progress records with parents and Ofsted.  Can be used in conjunction with the observations and assessments made on an individual child to record his/her achievements, and influence your EYFS planning and resourcing.  Also includes a Parent Sheet recording the child's starting points, parental consent to keep written records of observations and assessments and a parental agreement to be actively involved in their child's learning and development.

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Early Years Outcomes for the EYFS




This A4 document is a non-statutory guide for practitioners and inspectors to help inform understanidng of child development through the early years.  Can be used to assess a child's learning and development progress and to inform next steps.


Purchase the A5 mini version to share with parents.

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