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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know a childminder is registered?

    A Registered Childminder will be pleased to show you their Ofsted registration certificate.  


    They will also show you their public liability insurance certificate along with their training certificates.



  • How many children can a registered childminder care for?

    At any one time, childminders may care for a maximum of six children under the age of eight (including the childminder's own children or any other children for whom they are responsible such as those being fostered).


    Of these six children, normally three may be young children, and only be one child under the age of one. Exceptions to these ratio's may be made by the childminder after due consideration to the children's needs and risk assessments. A child is a young child up until 1st September following his or her fifth birthday.  Any care provided for older children must not adversely affect the care of children receiving early years provision.  In any circumstance, the total number of children under the age of eight being cared for must not exceed six.


    If a childminder employs an assistant or works with another childminder, each childminder (or assistant) may care for the number of children permitted by the ratios specified above.


    Children may be left in the sole charge of the childminders' assistants for two hours at most in a single day.


    Childminders must obtain parents and/or carers permission to leave children with an assistant, including for very short periods of time.


    For childminders providing overnight care, the ratios continue to apply and the childminder must always be able to hear the children (this may be via a monitor).


  • Can a childminder provide funded sessions for 2, 3 and 4 year olds?

    Yes if they are registered as an early years funded provider with their Local Authority, but not every childminder may wish to provide these funded sessions.


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